Reflections of Paris by the art historian Joanna Lemanska.

Google office in London. 

p.s: I can stay 10 hrs in Pier’s meeting room.

Want to visit these flower farms . Craving the spring even more now.


Minnie Mouse & Barneys New York Collaboration <3

10,000 Cupcakes Create a Beautiful Mosaic

Who says art can’t taste good? :) Crumbs and Doilies bakery created a mosaic of a cherry blossom tree out of 10,000 cupcakes for Japanese TV show ITTEQ.

Windows of New York project by Jose Guizar.

(Pictures from

Honest logos by myHotjuly.

Another cool hotel, which was converted from a Boeing 747. “Jumbo Stay” is parked at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Confessions of a Designer- You can order the posters of Anneke Short from here:

People who know me, would also know my 2 addictions; my phone and coffee. I guess this iPhone cup holder sold by the Amsterdam based company Natwerk, would be the best for me.

I want one of these one-of-a-kind bicycles for the spring we hope to have soon in Milan! Wish this Swiss guy Juri Zaech sold these personalized art frames here as well. Although, you can order the print from here :

After a looong loooong break, I realized that I’ve missed tumblr, so I’m back:) These creative works belong to a Turkish guy called Sakir Gokcebag. His food art includes watermelons, cherries. apples and beans.

 Liked the google doodle today

Liked the google doodle today

 No tea-pockets anymore. Want to try a slice of tea :)

No tea-pockets anymore. Want to try a slice of tea :)